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Patent Searches Done
Completely Autonomously

We used a sophisticated AI system to generate top-notch reports in under 24 hours.


An autonomous research system that will perform a patent search on your behalf.

1. You outline the requirements of your searchAutoPat is provided with a body of text describing the invention (a claim, claim set, paragraphs, etc.) which it will breakdown into a set of features to be searched
2. AutoPat performs the patent searchUsing our proprietary algorithms, AutoPat will search the patent database to find relevant prior art.
3. A comprehensive report is deliveredAutoPat lays out its findings in a detailed report, classifying the presence of invention features in prior art.
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The next generation of patent search is here

After years of development, our AI system is now capable of performing patent searches entirely autonomously. Our system generates top-notch search reports within 24 hours, offering unparalleled speed and attention to detail.

We consider this a tremendous boost in efficiency for clients, as well as a significant leap in quality.

If you're in doubt, reach out to us for a free patent search report and see it with your own eyes!

Reach out for a free report
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Who we are

PatentPlusAI is a US technology company with all employees based in the tri-state area.

Our team has built countless successful products in the AI and NLP spaces and brings decades of experience to this ambitious endeavor. AutoPat is the culmination of four years of research which began in 2019 funded by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In our early stages, we developed several pioneering AI features. Many of these have now been incorporated into state-of-the-art patent analytics tools, including highly accurate semantic searching, classification, and retrieval-augmented generation. However, we refused to settle with just incorporating AI into existing workflows and adamantly believed in AI's ability to take on the process as a whole, not just individual components.

Our Team

Get to know the people on a mission to revolutionize patent searching using AI, all located in the US

Massyl MallemCEO, Founder
1643916387555 (1).jfif
Jake WinterCTO, Co-Founder
Khalid HusainCOO, Co-Founder
1695686178681 (3).jpg
Ryan Coles, PhDCo-Founder
1685989904052 (1).jpg
Russel MalzGrowth Advisor


Frequently asked questions answered

Is any user data stored or collected?

Absolutely not. We use no customer data for model training nor do we store any of that data for later use. We maintain a very strict data privacy policy to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.

How comprehensive is your patent data coverage?

We retrieve our patent data from IFI Claims, who is the leading global patent data provider, with clients such as Google Patents. We have access to over 149M full text documents.

More can be read here:

Can all technical fields be searched?

Yes, our AI has an comprehensive understanding on all scientific fields. Our system is flexible, allowing the search strategy to change depending on the field of the invention.

Can I give feedback and get an updated report?

Yes! And we do so free of charge. If there is any error, misunderstanding, or you would just like us to focus in on a certain feature, we provide follow on reports free of charge.
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